Pricing Options

There are 2 ways of paying for our services.

  1. A la Carte
  2. Cost Per Action

Which one is right for your business depends on the type of goal(s) that you are trying to reach. Here’s some information on how each pricing plan works:

Choosing A la Carte means that each of our services can be ordered and priced individually. Most business can opt for this payment method.

Choosing A la Carte allows you to add or subtract services as you desire.

Paying for your marketing via the Cost Per Action model is the latest in performance marketing. Your businesses may be eligible for this type of marketing and payment method.

Paying us on a Cost Per Action basis means that you only pay when a desired goal is reached. An action can be:

  • A sale
  • A lead
  • A call
  • A download

You can pay ClickOgy a Cost Per Action if:

  • You know (or can calculate) the average value of one customer
  • You know (or can calculate) the lifetime value of an average customer
  • You can pay a commission on sales
  • You know the value of a lead
  • You know the value of a certain action (such as a call or download)

Knowing the value of an action is the most important factor determining if your business is eligible for this type of marketing; there are however, other factors to consider like infrastructure and competitive landscape.

We can help you decide which Pricing Option is right for you during our Free Consultation.

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