We can build an Online Strategy for your Business

The web is full of possibilities… good and bad. Incorrect choices are almost unavoidable, but working with us will greatly increase your odds and grow your bottom line.

We can design and build a winning online strategy for your business based on your goals.

Learn more about the components of an Online Strategy.


Pay Per Click (PPC)

We have been creating PPC campaigns since 2002, in other words ancient Internet times.

As the name suggests, with Pay Per Click you pay every time someone clicks on your ad. Having well-built campaigns is pretty important.

PPC is one of the quickest ways to drive relevant traffic to your website or offer. On well-built campaigns, this traffic is usually very effective and converts well because the people who click on your ads are actually looking for your products.

Our PPC campaigns are thorough and built with optimization in mind. All of our PPC campaigns include 30 days of maintenance and optimization.



Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Having a Search Engine Optimized website means that the content on your site can be indexed easily by search engine crawlers and said content is organized properly for human beings (not robots).

Search Engine Optimization is a huge topic. We divide our SEO Services in 3 main avenues:

  1. Technical (website, code, etc)
  2. Best Practices (knowledge)
  3. Linking (links within your site and external links)

Good SEO brings in organic search traffic. Organic Search traffic is free-per-click, but it usually takes time to build up (not instant, like PPC traffic).


Technical SEO Services:

We do not offer Technical SEO Services on existing websites. We can however, offer our technical SEO services on websites that we build from the ground up.


Best SEO Practices:

We are currently putting together a list of best performing tips and tricks on SEO. Our list of Best SEO Practices will be released soon as and available for you to download. Make sure to subscribe to our mailing list.


Linking SEO Services:

One of the most powerful factors in determining search engine rankings is the amount (and quality) of links pointing to your site.

The real and sustainable way of ensuring that links point towards your website is via the creation of great content. There is however, a way of speeding things up a little bit via our Linking SEO Services. Contact us with details of what you are trying to achieve.


Web Development

We believe that having a website should not be a goal. A website is merely a tool that helps you reach your goals.

We build websites for people and companies that have the following goals:

  • To drive online sales (ecommerce)
  • To drive offline sales
  • To generate leads
  • To share information and interact (blogs)
  • To communicate with existing and potential customers
  • To be found

There are more goals of course. What are your goals?


Print Services

Let us design and print your Brochures, Postcards and Business Cards. We also mail Every Door Direct Mail  and customized campaigns.


Social Media Strategy

It hurts to type, “Social Media Strategy” since the phrase has been hammered quite often everywhere. Anyways…

Social Media is fairly new relative to search. It is also ultra-popular since people currently spend more time on Social Media sites like FaceBook and Twitter than anywhere else in the web.

Having an effective Social Media Strategy is vital for any company (or individual) that conducts business online. There are too many choices (and growing!) of where and how to engage your customers and potential customers.

Our Social Media Strategies address:

  • Where to engage: Which sites are better, considering your goals
  • How to engage:  A best practices guide on how to represent your business socially
  • Tool guide: We use several tools that help with communication, time management, organization etc. We provide a tool guide based on your situation.


Social Media Advertising Campaigns

One of the most effective ways to accelerate social media interaction is via Social Media Advertising.

These campaigns are built on popular websites (such as FaceBook) where users can be targeted based on their demographic profile.


Social Media Advertising Campaigns share many of the same budgeting flexibilities seen in PPC Campaigns. They include:

  • The ability to set daily budgets (per account or campaign)
  • The ability to change daily budgets anytime
  • The option to pay when a user clicks on your ad (CPC) or when a user sees your ad
  • Start or stop campaigns anytime
  • Ads can be text based, image based or both

You know your customers better than anybody, with our help; we can get more of the same type of customers.

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